Current Obsession: Apple Cider Vinegar


I came across Apple Cider Vinegar last week while I was doing some research on how to ease pain (gall bladder type) using natural stuff.

I found several that said the same thing: Apple Cider Vinegar + Apple Juice.

After 4 days of irritating and throbbing pain I was willing to try anything.

Lo and behold it actually worked within 10 minutes of drinking the concoction. It was a natural remedy miracle!

I became an instant advocate for ACV,  so I started to do further research about it and its many uses and health benefits.

So these are my following recommendations for using ACV.

For weight loss:

Mix together 2tsps of ACV with about 8oz. of water. Drink this mixture every morning before breakfast and before dinner.

What this does to you:

 It helps aid in your body’s digestion.

So instead of your body absorbing the bad gunk from the food you take in.It will actually help your body cleanse it away as well as absorb the proper nutrients we need.

Personal Benefits:

It helps with constipation too, yahoo!

Tried and tested!

It is amazing!

For your skin:



Mix together in a bottle 1 part ACV + 1 part Rosewater & Glycerin Mixture (1 1/2Cup Rosewater & 1/4 Cup Glycerin)

What this does to you:

ACV is a natural antiseptic. (Helps remove dirt and grime)

Rosewater smells wonderful and It’s soothing properties help irritated skin (it also is anti-inflammatory). A great source of antioxidants, which can help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. Wonderful for sensitive skin!

 Glycerin is a natural humectant. It absorbs and retains water, keeping skin soothed and hydrated. Moisturizer extraordinaire!

Combine all three together and place it in a cute spray bottle of your choice. Like this:


Do not spray directly on your face!!!

I had that INSANE idea and some dripped into my eye. It hurt like hell because of the vinegar. Yeah, I know…stupid me!

So it would be best to spray the solution on a cotton ball and gently tap it on to your skin. Once dry, you may then follow it up with your favorite moisturizer of your choice. I use Rosehip oil from A’kin (That is for another post for me to share with you).

Personal Benefits:

Having lived most of my adulthood with big pores it was an absolute delight to notice them much smaller. I could also feel that my face did not have that many dry patches as before. My skin felt softer and smoother.

I use this in the morning after I cleanse my face and right before I moisturize. At night, I just use the Rosewater/Glycerin mixture.

Getting older makes you realize that not everything advertized (expensive branded potions) can help you. Sometimes the simplest tonics are awesome. Going back to basics is the way to go!

Always remember that you should consult a Dermatologist first if you have very sensitive skin and/or have problems with severe acne. Try a patch test as well so that you may check for any allergic reactions. 



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