DIY : Tinted Lip Gloss


Petroleum Jelly

An old favorite lipstick

(CUTE) Tin container

ceramic plate (microwave safe)



Take a blob of petroleum jelly and lipstick and place it in the ceramic container.

easy peasy 😀


Depending on how dark or how light it will be, will all

depend on how much lipstick tint and petroleum jelly you put in.

So GO CRAZY and try several mixtures that will best suit you.

Place it in the microwave for about 3-5min on medium-hi.

Take it out midway to stir it all together, then place it back in to finish off.


BE CAREFUL since it will be really HOT, pour it in quickly into your tin container.

Then place it in the freezer for about a minute to set.

This is how mine turned out!


Not bad right?!?

OR you can also place it in a container like this.


I personally prefer the tin just because I really like the design.


I am quite happy with the color and moisture level as well.


I love doing this because I can make use of my old lipsticks.

I have also made them as Christmas gifts before for some friends and they loved it.

It is a great DIY in less than 15min.

Kids please ask an adult to help you out when doing this!



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