Musings of a middle aged woman



The best thing in life is knowing we will all die eventually. You may see this as something morbid or sick but I see it as a way to put everything into perspective in your life. Its a way of reminding yourself what is important and what is not.

1. Do not sweat the small stuff. If things go wrong and instead of freaking out just let it go. People make mistakes or errors that we cant avoid, just take a deep breathe and MOVE ON. Everything will be OK eventually. I am positive that on your death bed you wont remember what that small irritating thing was.

2. Having my 3rd boy (and definite last) recently, I started to be more aware of the smallest smiles, joyous chuckles and tight hugs. They grow too fast and I have to be aware to stop and smell the roses in this case. To treasure this and experience life through his eyes. This is something I want to look back on and remember with warmth in my heart.

3. Things are just things! You will never be able to bring those things when you die. What you can bring with you is the love you shared and received with the people you cherish in your heart. That is the most important commodity in the next lifetime. So the next time you stress yourself out or hurt your relationships because of material things please stop and realize that it’s just a THING. I’ll say it again… LET IT GO! It’s really not worth it.

4. Work is important. Work is essential to be able to sustain you in this life. Work is also important to learn new skills and to develop yourself. To grow into a productive human being. HOWEVER, work is not good when you always put it first in your life. Work is not good when you set aside your family. NO ONE SAID in their death that they were glad they worked so hard at the expense of not having an enriching and loving family life. NO ONE. Realize that relationships are what matter most in LIFE.

5. You reach a stage in your life when you start having regrets. Regrets of certain life decisions that you had to make. It might have been wrong or it might have been avoidable depending on the circumstances. Let it go!!!! We are not perfect human beings. We all live life learning as we go. Come to terms that we cannot turn back time. To undo something we can’t is useless. However, we can either patch it up or try to find a solution if there is still time. If it’s not possible then don’t stress just let it go.

6. Being at peace with who you are. Accept that not everyone will like you. When you are dying and you look back you will want to leave this world being authentic to who you are. There is no need to keep pleasing others because you need them to like you. There is no need to keep up with other people’s criteria of society’s high level of acceptance. There is no need to care what other people think about you. Live your life true to who you are. You will die having a lighter and happier heart.

7. Try to have a grateful, loving and compassionate heart. Work your way towards the end of your life into being a GOOD person. NOT a wealthy materialistic person.

8. Stand up for what you believe in. Whether it being a good cause or to help defend someone who can’t do it for themselves. You want to die knowing that you had a voice and you tried to be someone who could change the world. No matter how small it was.

9. We are all going through life’s journey together. Never judge, never condemn or ridicule other people. Respect others the same way you yourself should be respected.

10. LOVE is all that matters in this world. Be it love for your children, spouse, parents or friends. LOVE is what we can bring with us when we all die.




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